Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Maggie featured in the Washington Post!

A recent article in the January 11th Washington Post features Maggie and the use of massage balls as one of the "11 ways to live well in 2011:"  

"These aren't new, but they are an alternative to the increasingly popular foam rollers. A set of 10 or 12, ranging in size from golf ball to bowling ball, allows for a thorough self-massage, especially in hard-to-reach places where rollers are ineffective, says Maggie Wong, who teaches their use at Yoga Plus in Bethesda and sells them. "Many people would like to have a massage daily, but it is both expensive and time-consuming," she says. "The balls are a healthy, affordable alternative."

The remaining 10 ways to live well in the coming year are equally inspiring and include dietary ideas as well as fitness.  


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