Monday, February 14, 2011

Hanging to Straighten and De-compress the Spine

Hanging from a bar with your hands is a wonderful way to ease pressure and open up the spine. Many of my clients find instant relief with this simple, easy to do, method. It can be done on bars found in most playgrounds as shown above. You can also build a hanging bar in your home.  The hardware for building the bar is shown here.
Also available is the "Iron Gym," a bar that can be hung on any door that has a frame.  This bar must be removed if you want to shut the door so it is not a permeant fixture.  It can be used to straighten and decompress the spine as well as a chin-up bar.

Below Gale Gaines is demonstrating hanging to decompress the spine on a bar installed in my house.  She is a Nail Therapist and Reflexologist at the Ma'at Holistic Wellness Center in Laurel, Maryland where she offers spa manicures, pedicures and foot reflexology.  These practices promote the release of stress, blood circulation and feeling thus enabling a person to be more energetic and sleep better.  For more information Gail can be contacted at 301-317-8898.


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