Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to build a Stupa.

 First you come to work with your lunches.
Have a cigar ( Chorot ) first while my ladies do the dirty work. Transporting the sand and cement and mix them up.
 These are our tools. Not much but get the job done. Do you notice my bamboo handle ? In case you are not aware.
 We don't need wheelbarrow. They are for the jerks in the West ! We recycle our vinyl sacks.
 Our trading partners from Thailand.
 Now that the mixture is ready to go.
 My ladies with hoist them up on shoulders or on head. Little at a time. They are heavy. We ain't going to bust our back.
 Now our men friends will clim down to lay the bricks and mortar them. We, men, are skilled workers. Without us they will not be Stupas !!

Now you may enjoy my Stupa for centuries to come.

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