Saturday, March 5, 2011

Body Massage Ball Workshop schedule for March


Below are the dates and the locations for the Body Massage Ball workshops for the month of March.

If you had attended a previous workshop before, this will be a good refresher. This time I intend to focus on the neck, shoulders, spine and buttocks. Please see below for details. 

As you know, my work is largely through referrals, so please tell or forward this email to friends whom you think will be helped by this self massage technique. I also do one-on-one privates sessions for up three people. The fee is $60/hr for the group, that is, the fee may be shared by participants.

Please wear a tight fitted top and bring a yoga mat to class if you have one. I provide the balls but they are also available for purchase. (Please note I am not equipped to accept credit cards).

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you.


3/13   1:30-3:30 pm  $30   Little River Yoga 6399 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria. VA 22312. To enroll 703-203-8510

3/20  1:3 pm  $30     Yoga Plus Bethesda, MD. 20817. To enroll, 301-365-2424

3/26  1:30-3:30 pm  $30   Oleney yoga center 16650 Georgia Ave, Olney MD 20832-2418. To enroll 301-774-1961

3/27 1:00 - 3:00 pm    $30   Lifetime Fitness  1151 Seven Locks Rd. Rockville, MD 20854. 240- 314-7044

The objectives of this class are to demonstrate and teach the use of massage balls for achieving deep tissue massage, acupressure release and overall body flexibility. The focus will be on the neck, shoulders, spine and buttocks. The class will include:
   *  Warm up movements to promote flexibility.
   *  Stretching and strengthening of all regions of the upper torso including shoulders, spine and the abdominal and back muscles.
   *  Using massage balls of various sizes and firmness, in combination with movements to promote spinal flexibility and deep tissue release.
The outcome will be a rejuvenated body with improved range of motion for daily tasks, the restoration of athletic flexibility and a decreased propensity for injuries. Participants will learn self-administered techniques for sustaining a healthy, flexible and pain free body.

Balls for the workshop will be provided and be available for purchase after the class.

Biography of Maggie Wong
I am now in my thirteenth year of a successful yoga practice in Washington metro area.  In addition to yoga, I trained in the use of body massage balls and over the years have developed my own techniques to improve the effectiveness of the balls. I have had scoliosis (abnormal spinal curvature) since childhood and use the balls daily to deal with actual and potential skeletal and muscular difficulties. I integrate my personal experience with my teaching practice.
See Videos
Click these links to observe videos produced by one of my students for the cross-fit community.

YouTube - Videos from this email

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