About Maggie

Maggie began practicing yoga 30 years ago to cope with the effects of severe scoliosis, an often-painful condition caused by lateral curvature of the spine.
Yoga not only strengthened her body and relieved her pain, it also opened a rewarding new world for her—one she’s been pleased to share with her yoga students for the past 12 years.

“Yoga is an individual path for everyone who undertakes it,” she says. “Nothing in my life has contributed more to my physical and mental health than yoga … I have grown with yoga, and found adventure in exploring its infinite variations and possibilities.”

While learning to become a yoga teacher, Maggie encountered what would become a hallmark of her practice: the Body Massage Ball, which she used in conjunction with yoga to alleviate her scoliosis. Maggie has taught at fitness clubs, government and corporate institutions, and now her own studios. She continues to learn and innovate, incorporating new ideas into her successful brand of traditional and therapeutic yoga.