Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Attention Valentine Givers! Flax seed pillow/ Body Warmer - Bed Companion

I make these pillows and fill them with natural organic flax seeds. Microwave for four minutes to make it toasty warm; this will help heal aching joints or warm the body when going to bed. They are made from high quality, soft to touch "Minky" fabric.
To order your pillows, please email or call 301-365-2424.

Bed companion 15" X 15"   3.5 lb - $38
Long snake wrap 30" X 6.5" 3 lb -  $38



African Sand

Misty Blue

Long Snake Blue
"I bought one of Maggie Wong's neck pillows with a plush outside and flax seeds inside on Saturday.  Already on Sunday morning I put it in the microwave and wore it until I finished the Sunday papers.  It warms my whole body and outlook toward the world on a cold morning.  The warm weight of it relaxes my shoulders and improves my disposition.  Thank you, Maggie!"
~ John

" Over the Holiday season, Maggie showed me the pillows. I bought 17 of them as gifts !!  I am still buying them. A gift to yourself and you use it everyday.